The University of Southampton

Integrated Nanophotonics group


Nanophotonics Group, Summer 2021

Group leader 
Otto L. Muskens

Dr Kai Sun
Dr Idris Ajia
Dr Haobijam Johnson Singh

PhD students  
Lewis Piper
Zeina Nazer
Wei Xiao
Doxi Misatziou
Daniel Lawson
Luke Burke
Sophie Blundell
Callum Wheeler
Thomas Radford
Joshua Greening

Associate PhD students  
Vikesh Sethi, ECS
Peng Dai, ECS

Undergraduate students 2021-2022
Harriet Pullen
Rosie Clarke
Ben Glover
Charles Markland-Smith

Former group members 

Dr Peter Wiecha, DFG Fellow, 2019-2020, now researcher at CNRS - LAAS Toulouse
Dr Martina Abb, PhD 2012, Postdoc 2012-2014, now R&D at Micron Technology
Dr Natasha Fairbairn, PhD 2013, now patent attorney at Withers & Rogers
Dr Tom Strudley, PhD 2013, now R&D at Fianium
Dr Simon Gregory, PhD 2015, now R&D at DSTL
Dr Yudong Wang, Postdoc 2012-2015, now R&D at Seagate
Dr Roman Bruck, Postdoc 2012-2016, now R&D at Luxtera
Dr Daniel Traviss, PhD 2016, now R&D at Coherent 
Dr Leo-Jay Black, PhD 2016, now R&D at Oxsensis
Dr Theo Chen-Sverre, PhD 2017, now R&D at QiOptiq
Dr Bigeng Chen, Postdoc 2016-2018, now postdoc at Southampton
Dr Christoph Riedel, PhD 2018, now R&D at Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnologie IPT
Dr Marilena Kyriazi, PhD 2018, now postdoc at University of Southampton
Dr Rebecca French, PhD 2018, now data research scientist at Senseye
Dr Ulas Kürüm, Postdoc 2018-2019, now R&D at Roketsan
Dr Angela de Fazio, PhD 2019, now postdoc at University of Southampton
Dr Matthew Delaney, PhD 2021, now photonics engineer at Chromosol Ltd
Dr Nicholas Dinsdale, PhD 2021, now optics research engineer at Fotech Solutions

Former MPHYS and Summer students

2021 Summer project: Harriet Pullen; MPhys:  Ben Glover; Charles Markland-Smith; Harriet Pullen; Rosie Clarke
2020 MPhys:  Lyndsey Hoopgood; Thomas Gee
2019 Summer project: Ana Hammer. MPhys:  Ana Hammer; Callum Lancaster; Callum Wheeler; Daniel Smyth; Jacob Kleboe; Hiroki Cook; Luke Burke
2018 Summer projects: Daniel Lawson, Jack Haines, Jesse Garcia Dykes. MPhys:  Alex Courtier, Daniel Lawson, Daniel Moxon, Jack Haines, Jesse Garcia Dykes, Zoe Harding.
2017 MPhys: Daniel Collins, Zach Pang
2015 MPhys: Peter Rhodes, Nicholas Dinsdale 
2014 MPhys: Nathaniel Scott, Samuel Snell, Josh Pooley, Anouska Partner, Jack Deare 
2013 Summer project: Rebecca French.  MPhys: Amy Hearst, Charlie Martin, Henry Hughes, Laura Benn, Rebecca French, Vanessa Verrina
2012 Summer projects: Ben Chichester, Holly Farnham, Alexander Wilcox, Tom Haskins. MPhys: Ben Chichester, Holly Farnham, Alexander Wilcox, Ardavan Shafee, Sebastien Higgs
2011 Summer projects: Marvin Schulz, Sabine Abb, Andrew Meadowcroft. MPhys: Daniel Traviss, Isaac Jones
2010 Summer projects: Claire Blejean, Hannah Warren.  MPhys: Adam Booker, Samuel Crabb, Simon Hyett 
2009 Summer projects: Hannah Warren, Alex Perevedentsev. MPhys: Marcel Fowler, Scott Kneller, Nathan Langford, Paul Venn