The University of Southampton

Integrated Nanophotonics group

News in 2014

11/2014 The work by Roman Bruck on ultrafast photomodulation spectroscopy has appeared in Nature Photonics, see here for a press release.

10/2014 Our joint collaboration on nanoparticle penetration through skin has been covered by several news items, e.g. see PharmanewsScience Daily.

10/2014 Anouska Partner, Jack Deare, Josh Pooley, Nathaniel Scott and Samuel Snell have started their MPhys research projects in our group.

10/2014 We welcome two new postgraduate researchers: Rebecca French will work on a joint PhD project on complex media with Sylvain Gigan at LKB-ENS in Paris; Marilena Kyriazi is involved in a collaboration with the Laboratory for Inorganic Nanoparticles and Applications on exploiting DNA and nanoparticles.

09/2014 Ultrafast dephasing and revival of a shaped wavefront using femtosecond pulsed laser excitation is possible, as shown in our publication in Light, Science & Applications.

09/2014 Our work on hotspot-mediated ultrafast control of multifrequency plasmonic antennas has appeared in Nature Communications.

07/2014 A press release of our work on helium ion beam milling for plasmonic nanoantennas has appeared in SPIE Newsroom, a PDF version is also available.

05/2014 A press release of our work has been written by

05/2014 Our first results of the UK-France DSTL collaboration with Arnaud Arbouet on polarization conversion antennas for metasurfaces have appeared in ACS Nano.

01/2014 Martina and Yudong's work on infrared spectroscopy and molecular fingerprinting using metal oxide plasmonic antennas has appeared in Nano Letters.

News in 2013

11/2013 Our numerical simulation results on the integration of nanoantennas on top of silicon photonic waveguides for coherent perfect absorption have appeared in Optics Express.

 Our work on Helium ion beam milling of plasmonic nanoantennas has appeared in Nano Letters.

10/2013 MPhys research students Amy Hearst, Charlie Martin, Henry Hughes, Laura Benn, and Rebecca French have started their projects in our group.

08/2013 The complex Nanophotonics Science Camp has been a great success. The camp took place at Cumberland lodge 27-30 August and was attended by an international mix of early career researchers, keynote scientists, editors, data artists and scientific communication experts.

07/2013 Undergraduate students Rebecca French and Liam Kiessling have started their summer internship projects in our group.

05/2013 Multidisciplinary research on functional nanoparticles in angiogenesis has appeared in ACS Nano.

04/2013 Press coverage of our work: 
Electronics Weekly 
Materials Today

04/2013 Transport of light through semiconductor nanowire mats is characterised by strong correlations and mesoscopic fluctuations, see our work in Nature Photonics.

03/2013 Our work on the epsilon-near-zero response of ITO layers has been published in Applied Physics Letters.

News in 2012

11/2012 Our collaborative project with Andre Utgenannt, Joe Keddie and Antonios Kanaras on nanoparticle assembly in evaporative lithography has resulted in a publication in Chemical Communications.

 Our work on hyperspectral single-particle microscopy has appeared in a special issue of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

10/2012 Welcome to Leo-Jay Black, Roman Bruck, Simon Gregory and Dan Traviss who have joined our group.

08/2012 Our collaboration with the group of Stephen Mann in Bristol, on the plasmonic response of metal-filled protein crystals, has resulted in a publication in Advanced Functional Materials. Press coverage: Materials Views

08/2012 Our recent work on reciprocity breaking in random media has been covered by Nature Photonics News & Views .

06/2012 An interview with Martina Abb in Scientific American for the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting.

06/2012 Welcome to Holly Farnham, Tom Haskins, Ben Chichester and Alexander Wilcox, who have received summer bursaries to perform cutting-edge research in our group.

06/2012 Our work on asymmetric dimer nanoantennas has appeared in ACS Nano.

05/2012 Martina Abb has received a postgraduate student award at the Symposium on Control of Light at the Nanoscale at the EMRS Spring Meeting in Strassbourg.

04/2012 Our work on ultrafast reciprocity breaking in random media has appeared in Physical Review Letters.

04/2012 Otto Muskens has been awarded a prestigious 5-year research fellowship from EPSRC on the topic 'Complex nanophotonic and plasmonic networks for ultrafast optical devices'.

03/2012 The work of Marvin Schulz and Sabine Abb on self-assembly and plasmonic response of gold nanorods and branched nanoparticles has appeared in Langmuir.

01/2012 We are continuing our research on plasmonic nanoantennas with the support of a 3-year grant from EPSRC.

News in 2009-2011

11/2011 The paper 'Interactions of Human Endothelial Cells with Gold Nanoparticles of Different Morphologies' by D. Barctzak and co-workers has appeared in Small.

08/2011 Southampton undergraduates Andrew Meadowcroft and Iain McKeeman have started their summer studentships on modeling the flow of light in nanomaterials.

07/2011 University of Hamburg undergraduate Marvin Schulz is doing a 10-week BSc project in our group on complex plasmonic nanomaterials.

05/2011 Press coverage on our recent work on nanoantenna-ITO hybrids.

04/2011 Our article on all-optical control of a single plasmonic nanoantenna-ITO hybrid has been accepted for publication in Nano Letters.

04/2011 Our work on ultrafast light scattering in nanowires has been published in Physical Review Letters.

01/2011 Our collaborative work on laser treatment of endothelial cells, together with the Kanaras group and the School of Medicine has appeared in Nano Letters.

01/2011 A Royal Society International Joint Project was awarded for a collaboration with the group of Erik Bakkers in Eindhoven.

10/2010 Nanowire light scattering is featured in SPIE Newsroom .

10/2010 Tom Strudley has started his postgraduate student project on light trapping.

09/2010 Fedor Tikhonenko has started his postdoctoral fellowship in the group.

08/2010 Natasha Fairbairn has won a prize for best poster in the Optics and Photonics section of the Photon10 conference, on a collaborative project with the Kanaras and Elliott groups.

08/2010 Martina Abb has won a prize for best poster in the Quantum Electronics section of the Photon10 conference.

07/2010 A multidisciplinary grant was awarded to perform cutting edge research at the life sciences interface. For more info see the School's site.

06/2010 Sabine Abb, Claire Blejean, and Hannah Warren have started their summer studentships.

05/2010 Our work on plasmonic nanoantenna switches has been covered in a popular news item by NanotechWeb.

04/2010 Our article on nanoantenna switches has been published in Nano Letters.

03/2010 Ramy El-Dardiry's article on random lasers has been published in Physical Review A.

12/2009 Otto Muskens has received a First Grant from the EPSRC for the development of a new nanophotonics laboratory.

11/2009 Natasha Fairbairn has started her PhD research project on new nanoparticle biosensing techniques.

10/2009 Four physics students have started their MPhys projects in the group.

07/2009 Martina Abb has started her PhD research on a SEPnet project about integration of plasmonics and silicon photonics.

04/2009 Two summer studentships have been granted by EPSRC and USRG Nano for undergraduate students Hannah Warren and Alex Perevedentsev.

04/2009 The laboratories for Integrated Nanophotonics have been completely refurbished.

01/2009 Otto Muskens has started as a Lecturer in the School of Physics and Astronomy.